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When family members become involved in legal disputes, these matters can quickly become complex and contentious. Due to the strong emotions that often play a role in family law cases, spouses, parents, or other family members may find it difficult or impossible to work out their disagreements. However, handling these cases through the legal system can be expensive and time-consuming, and the final results may not be ideal for anyone who is involved. Fortunately, there is another way to handle these types of cases: mediation.

At the Law Office of Susanne Bonilla Harrold, P.C., we believe in helping families find the best possible solutions to their legal issues. When you work with us to use mediation to address your disputes, we will help you cooperate and compromise to resolve these matters in a way that is satisfactory to all parties. As a mediator of family law cases, Ms. Bonilla Harrold believes in listening to the needs of the parties and understanding what is important to them, and she will do everything she can to guide them toward solutions that will allow them to move forward successfully.

Mediation Services in Divorce and Child Custody Cases

The mediation process allows the parties in a family law case to work together to reach a settlement rather than fighting legal battles in court. Mediation may be used in divorce cases to address issues related to the division of marital property or spousal support. Divorcing or unmarried parents may also use mediation to resolve child custody disputes, establish visitation schedules and child support orders, or handle matters related to paternity.

During mediation, Ms. Bonilla Harrold will work with the parties to gain a full understanding of all of the issues that they will need to resolve. She will then help them discuss these issues in a productive manner and guide them toward reaching agreements that they will both be satisfied with. As an attorney-mediator, Ms. Bonilla Harrold can help the parties find the best ways to resolve their disputes cooperatively. The goal of the mediation process will be to create a legally binding settlement that addresses the issues in the parties' case.

Mediation will often allow spouses or parents to resolve their disputes much more quickly and efficiently than through litigation. Since the mediation process is completely confidential, the parties will be able to speak their minds freely and discuss their concerns while negotiating agreements. This process can be beneficial for parents, and since they will be encouraged to cooperate with each other and reach compromises, this may help them understand how they can work together effectively as they address issues related to their children in the future.

Mediation gives the parties complete control over the decisions made in their case, and both parties must be in full agreement on all matters before their settlement can be drafted into a binding mediated settlement agreement. The parties will have a personal stake in crafting agreements rather than being subject to orders by a judge, and this may help avoid disputes in the future.

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Whether you are facing complex and contentious disputes related to your divorce or the custody of your children, or you need help resolving the outstanding issues in a family law case, the Law Office of Susanne Bonilla Harrold, P.C. can provide you with mediation services. We will work to help create a settlement that will provide for your family's needs. Contact us today at 361-947-7002 to arrange a free consultation. We provide mediation services to clients in Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities in Nueces, Aransas, Kleberg, San Patricio, and Jim Wells Counties.

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