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Child support may be ordered for several reasons, but the main reason is to make sure that children have what they need to live well-balanced lives. The Law Office of Susanne Bonilla Harrold, P.C. is a strong advocate for the needs of children and seeks fair outcomes for support judgments.

Helping Clients Understand Child Support in Corpus Christi

According to Texas laws (Family Code Chapter 154), child support may be issued as a periodic payment, a lump sum distribution, an annuity purchase, through set aside property, or from a combination of payment methods. A child may be supported by one or both parents (or responsible party) by court order:

  • Until the child graduates from high school and is 18 years of age
  • Until the child is deceased
  • Indefinitely, if the child is disabled

In some cases, a child may receive support beyond the age of 18 if he or she is enrolled in school and pursuing a high school diploma and is complying with attendance requirements.

Ms. Bonilla Harrold helps clients understand child support laws and their responsibilities. She explains all options and guidelines to prepare each client for the determined course of action. Depending on the needs of the child and the circumstances of the parents, court litigation or private mediation may be chosen.

Child Support Guidelines in Texas

Many factors determine the amount of child support to be paid. The person who pays child support is known as the obligor. In general, the following shows the percentage of net resources allocated per child from an obligor whose monthly net resources do not exceed $8,550 or the adjusted amount defined by law (Family Code 154, Section 154.125):

  • One child = 20% of monthly net resources
  • Two children = 25% of monthly net resources
  • Three children = 30% of monthly net resources
  • Four children = 35% of monthly net resources
  • Five or more children = 40% of monthly net resources

There are additional methods for determining support when multiple children are living in different households and Ms. Bonilla Harrold can help you understand what the law requires and help you obtain the support needed for your child. Conversely, if you feel that support obligations should be adjusted, she can review your situation and advise on the matter.

If you need help with initiating, enforcing or modifying child support contact the Law Office of Susanne Bonilla Harrold, P.C., today. From her office in the Bonilla Plaza, Ms. Bonilla Harrold represents clients in the Corpus Christi metropolitan area including San Patricio, Aransas, Nueces, Kleberg, Jim Wells counties and beyond. Call 361-947-7002 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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