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Love and fear cannot cohabitate. If you are living in a dangerous environment and are experiencing any type of abuse, you should consider getting a Protective Order. The Law Office of Susanne Bonilla Harrold, P.C. is very knowledgeable about establishing an enforceable Protective Order to legally prevent acts of family violence. Ms. Bonilla Harrold's family law firm helps people from all walks of life move forward in the most balanced and safe way possible.

Explaining Protective Orders to Corpus Christi Clients

Protective Orders may be sought to prevent ongoing family violence. According to the Texas Family Code, family violence means:

  • The intentional act or threat of physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault committed by a family or household member against another family or household member
  • Abuse, as defined in the Texas Family Code, by a family or household member toward a child of the family or household
  • Violence in a dating relationship, as defined in the Texas Family Code.

If any of these family violence conditions are present, you may apply for a Protective Order in Texas. Ms. Bonilla Harrold can help you through the application process and direct you to additional resources.

Types of Protective Orders in Texas

There are three types of Protective Orders in Texas. Ms. Bonilla Harrold can assist you with each one:

  • Temporary Ex Parte – This order is in force for a period up to 20 days; can be extended by request for additional 20-day periods and defines the contact permitted between parties.
  • Final – This order is in force for up to two years; can be extended by request under specific conditions and defines the extent of contact between parties.

Magistrate’s Order of Emergency – This order, also known as an Emergency Protective Order, is in force for between 31 and 61 days; can be extended between 61 to 91 days if the abuser was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. This order will outline the acceptable conduct of the abuser.

The purpose of these orders is to protect victims from acts of family violence, harassment, and threats. They also prohibit contact, stalking and proximity to specified residences and childcare or educational facilities. Violations of a Protective Order are subject to arrest of the respondent (abuser). Depending on your needs, Ms. Bonilla Harrold can also craft the order to award exclusive use of property and define child custody, child support and visitation.

Timing is essential with securing Protective Orders, so contact the Law Office of Susanne Bonilla Harrold, P.C. immediately for assistance with your family violence matter. From her office in the Bonilla Plaza, Ms. Bonilla Harrold represents clients in the Corpus Christi metropolitan area including San Patricio, Aransas, Nueces, Kleberg, Jim Wells counties and beyond. Call 361-947-7002 today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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